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Is there anything more terrifying than a fascist?

Explore the apartment of a nostalgic Francoist to find your friend in this short First Person Horror experience set in Spain.

Your friend has been missing for days. The only clue she has left you is a note with an address: "Barrio de Salamanca, Madrid. Bloque 13, 3°A".

  • Genre: First Person, Horror, Walking Simulator, Puzzle, Single Player
  • Duration: 20 minutes approx
  • Art Style: 3D, Realistic
  • Engine: Unreal Engine 4

This experience takes place in an oppressive and unique atmosphere, full of references to the traditional Spanish culture. In this experience, the players must explore the creepy apartment to find clues and solve puzzles that help them find the protagonist’s missing friend. With only a flashlight and their ingenuity, the players must enter the darkness and overcome their fears to reach the end.


  • Walk into the dark with just a faulty flashlight.
  • Find all the references to Spanish brands, music and art, in a decadent environment full of religious and Francoist iconography.
  • Explore the apartment and find clues to help you solve the puzzles.
  • Investigate to find out who is behind the disappearance of your friend.

The game has been developed for no commercial purposes. Although some of the elements that appear are based on real life, this game is pure fiction.

ROJO does not represent an apology to the Franco regime or its figure. On the contrary, it is a representation of the terror produced by fascist ideologies, fanaticism and extremism.


Gamepad  Mouse and Keyboard  Action
Left Stick WASD or Arrows Move character
Right Stick  Mouse Move camera
B Left Click or B Interact
X Middle Click or X Flashlight
Y or RT Right Click or Y Look in detail 
Menu Escape Pause game

You can play this game in English or Spanish.

A game developed by Miguel Moreno with Unreal Engine.


Press Kit

Twitter: @mmorenos95


Assets Credits list here

Mail: mmorenos95@gmail.com

Thanks a lot to everyone who played ROJO! ♥♥♥


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I played this game and it was really hard to understand the story of it, jumpscares were good tho. good game. 

I realoly liked this game, I've been playing lots of games from this site and this is by far the best one yet. The atmosphere is great and the music and news really add to it and the story itself, not to mention the details and graphics overall, I really like it and I'll be recommending it to some yt friends. Thank u for the game!!

Muy bien ambientado, los pasodobles me ponian de los nervios, que entiendo que era toda la intención.

Te sigo para ver mas cosas tuyas en el futuro. 

I REALLY like this game. I played in Spanish while translating everything. That ending caught me off guard. Also, was way into the music lol. Great job!

Gameplay en español

I love the atmosphere, and props that are scattered that connect to the story of the game. 

I have my gameplay of this here: the game starts at 19:41


I'm having trouble with starting the game. Could someone please help?

This game was scary af lol I almost shit myself when the shadow man walked by. Great job

This game made me feel like i was there for some reason

It was a good lil horror bite. I loved the chain room and wind up flashlight~


love the game more plz :):):)

I was immediately drawn in by the cover image. It's not often that you see titles in Spanish, so when I paid close attention and noticed the introductory line of ''Is there anything more terrifying than a fascist?'' I knew I was in for something else.
This game was an absolute experience from the very beginning.
As someone both born and raised in Spain, I suffered a lot while trying to make my way through the apartment because I was getting extremely excited at just how many elements of a traditional Spanish household I was seeing, from the old kitchen with the colacao bottle to the design of the furniture itself. I was so happy to see things I'd grown up with in a video game! However, the attention to detail was so on point that no matter the excitement of hearing ''Campanera'' playing (ON A VIDEOGAME!!!) I recognised all of the elements you NEVER want to see, from the moment I crossed the front door I knew exactly what type of man I'd find inside the house.
My fear was very welcome as this was an experience I had never had before. I've never had the experience of having experience!
I've never stepped foot in an American household or been forced to find 7 notes taped to trees by a tall faceless creature, but I've seen my fair share of pure Fascist Franco supporters in my lifetime and that's an experience I never would have thought would have been evoked also in a videogame.
I know the story is fake, but it's so real. From the multiple signs of aging in the Tennant to the clear ''Grandpa are you watching from heaven how I graduated college'' attitude towards Franco that all fascists seem to have, every detail of this game BROKE ME.
Congratulations, this is a masterpiece; from the story to the graphics, amazing.

Nice game

A perfect example of a horror game. Great graphics, a creepy story to uncover and a scary chase LOL. Excellent work :) Game starts at 13:44 

El piso de Abascal xD

Muy currado, la ambientación pone los pelos de punta. Enhorabuena :-)

Muy currada la ambientación, ¡enhorabuena!

Such a smooth, crisp, and terrifying game! I don't know if i'm more impressed with the way your sound design still gave me goosebumps while editing this vid after playing, or by the fact that I still want to keep this game to play again and scare other friends.

i like this graphic and gameplay. Thank you

This game had me scared from the moment I opened that door. Very good atmosphere! I loved it! 

Un amigo me recomendó el juego y está chulísimo. El ambiente es espeluznante, realmente me asustó bastante y me daba mucho miedo. Todas las referencias que hay me sacaron una sonrisa al jugar. Muy buen juego, lo recomiendo muchísimo :)

This is a good game, the environment design is awesome, faulty flashlight and moving is a nice touch

1 like in the videos mean a lot to me, thank you viewer and Dev teams 

good horror game

El nivel de detalle icónico. Lo he jugado varias veces solo para volver a mirarlo todo. Realmente me siento asi cuando entro en algun sitio facha xD Lo unico que no me gusta es que se le eche la culpa al final a la salud mental como siempre. El resto espectacular.

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Enjoyed the visuals and the tension to the end. Hope to see this expanded on in the future, nice work. 

un juego de miedo de fachas me ha hecho el dia, gracias jsjsjs 

Don't think I got the ending, but holy hell was it tense and scary!

Very cool game! Nice atmosphere and graphics!

This game is so beautiful! Both visually and aurally <3

Gameplay: https://youtu.be/PXeeVtm5W4s

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juegardo bien trabajado buenos graficos buena ambientacion y buenas mecanicas

Loved it!! Coming from a person who is pretty ignorant about spanish facism and the culture surrounding it, it did intrigue me and I had a great time exploring! The scares were very well executed, but a bit predictable! Nothing bad about being classic as long as it's done well though!

This game was great!!!

Me ha encantado. Necesito la secuela

A spectacular game, the elements of Franco's Spain are fascinating.

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Interesting game lol

I had SO MUCH FUN playing this!!!

I loved the atmosphere and the details put into the game! I will never have enough mops blocking the way and ColaCao boxes!!

I am so making my friends play it!

harás segunda parte?

El juego es muy corto pero entretenido, el típico juego de busca objetos para poder desbloquear zonas con un ambiente turbio y oscuro. Es bastante fácil de pasar... se parece a Layers of Fear, el juego que jugué antes que a este. Busca llaves, mueve cosas, acojónate y escapa.

Muy buen juego, me gustó muchísimo aunque el final no tanto.
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